3 dec. 2012

Just attended a discussion on the Russian proposal to amend the Annex system to the Convention. Essentially, the idea is to review which countires are included in the Annex 1 under the Framework Convention. The Russian proposal could arguably make the Convention better reflect current economic realities where countries like China, Brazil and India are emerging economies and no longer pure developing economies. The EU expresses support of the idea in general but argues that the Doha negotiations need to focus on the Kyoto Protocol commitment period two rather that this proposal. Further, the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Plattform can dicuss this and similar questions. The US wants to keep this track of negotiations open, Turkey support hte proposal along with Australia, Khasakstan and Belarus. Opponents include Saudia Arabia and China for a start. The Chair of these negotiations Mr. Javier Díaz Carmona from Costa Rica will summarize the discussion today for tomorrow. 

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