30 okt. 2009

Marie: Are you listening?

During the entire morning, I put up all our posters around Trollhättan (my hometown) and it was an adventure.
Nobody wanted to put up our posters on their wall! First I accepted it, but in the end I was pretty tired that they did not understand how important this issue is, they did not listen, so I told them about the ice and the Maldives and other climatic disturbances. And after having told and persuaded them that it is an important issue, they put
up our posters, but I felt quite sad and scared, is it ignorance to help our cause or is it that they just don´t care?
I mean there was plenty of room for our posters and they did not break any of the company rules or values.

So is it first when you force companies to listen, they will listen?
I just wonder!

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