4 nov. 2009

Avaaz Danish Email alert - Save Copenhagen: call Rasmussen!

Datum: 2009-11-03 14:01:56
Från: Frida Eklund

I'm writing to you from Barcelona where yesterday the 'Fossil of the Day' (the daily CAN award for worst performance in the climate talks) went to...drum roll please...


Our friends in Avaaz are urgently asking all Scandinavians to call the Danish PM to leave him a message not to try and derail the negotiations and create more confusion introducing new unhelpful concepts like 'politically binding agreement'.

If you're in Sweden and too poor to call Denmark - maybe think about sending him an email: E-mail: stm@stm.dk

Dear friends in Denmark

Denmark is dangerously lowering expectations ahead of critical climate talks in Copenhagen. Call PM Rasmussen now at 33923300 to urge him to raise ambition and push for a legally binding global climate treaty next month in Copenhagen. Afterwards, share details on how your call went:

Yesterday, for the first time ever, Denmark won civil society's 'Fossil of the Day' award for the country that does the most to disrupt climate change negotiations.

Why? Because with critical Copenhagen negotiations just weeks away, Prime Minister Rasmussen is telling the world that a legally-binding agreement is not possible . This sort of message could be a disastrous self-fulfilling prophecy if we allow it to stand, and many other countries are outraged.

Fortunately many key figures within the Government are still pushing for a fair, ambitious and binding climate treaty, and EU Environment Ministers last month agreed this would be the official EU position for Copenhagen. With enough pressure from Danish citizens, we could help tip this crucial battle in their favour.

Together with our friends at Greenpeace, let's flood the PMs office with calls and urge the host of the Copenhagen climate talks to put them back on track:

Call PM Rasmussen at 33923300 (office hours 8.30am - 5pm) now! Heres some tips on what to say:

As a host, all eyes of the world will be on Denmark. Its Rasmussen's job to drive the process forward and make sure Copenhagen delivers the type of historic agreement that will safeguard our common future .

The official position of the European Union is to achieve a legally binding global climate treaty in Copenhagen. Denmark should fulfill its obligation to European membership and support the EU position.

If were serious about halting climate change and protecting the worlds most vulnerable communities and ecosystems, we can only do so through an internationally legally binding agreement in Copenhagen , where countries are held, by  law, to their commitments -- political talk isnt enough.

Afterwards, please report your call by clicking here:


As the host of this important meeting, the attitude of the Danish government will directly affect how journalists, lobbyists, and other governments approach the negotiations. Much like a party, if Denmark says to expect a blockbuster, everyone will come dressed to the nines. But no one's going to put effort into a party that the host says will be mediocre.

It's not too late for the PM to change his position. In previous rounds of climate negotiations in Bali and Poznan, targeted grassroots pressure from Avaaz members has created dramatic reversals in the positions of countries like Canada, Japan, and Germany. We still have 7 weeks left to get a fair, ambitious, and legally binding Copenhagen treaty -- so call the Prime Minister now at  33923300  -- and then forward this email to all your friends in Denmark.

A century from now, the word "Copenhagen" could be synonymous with the turning point in the fight against climate change -- or it could be a term used to revile the worst kind of politics -- a politics that trumpets political expediency over scientific necessity. Together, let's make the good kind of history.

With hope and determination,

Paul, Taren, Iain, Ricken, Sam, Julius and the whole Avaaz team

P.S. Heres some more information on the Danish position and the Copenhagen climate talks:


www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2009/nov/01/climate-change-world-leaders-accused www.reuters.com/article/latestCrisis/idUSL2439624

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