15 dec. 2009

Mr Schwarzenegger

I am at this very moment sitting in the Asta Something-sen hall, waiting for - wait for it - Arnold Schwarzenegger to arrive! That's right, the governator himself will enter this room in just a couple of minutes and I will be sitting just 10 or so metres from him. I'm star-struck already and he hasn't even come in yet!


Yvo de Boer is speaking. I love him, everything he says seems to make sense which is a refreshing change.

Oh my god, Schwarzenegger is really here. He's very tan and expertly coiffed. He is sitting down at the moment and I can see the back of his head from where I'm sitting. This is all very surreal.

There are about a dozen very suspicious-looking men in black suits whose gazes continously flicker across the room to catch any irregular or suspect activity. It's like I'm in a Hollywood blockbuster action movie. Any minute now a burning helicopter will crash through the roof or something. And Arnold will fight a couple of bad guys.

Oh, right, he's a politician now. Well... I do feel rather safe being in the same room as him. I bet he can still kick some bad guys' asses.

The man who is speaking now is actually rather interesting. I think I am going to stop acting like a fool and start listening to him.

Over and out. (I'll be back.)


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