2 dec. 2009

Reinfeldt på Malmö högskola




Today I have lisened to the swedish prime minister, who talked about the ekonomics and the climate issue and what the swedish government will do and what there is to do at the meeting in Kopenhagen in december.

He has recently been in China and they are a country which has the ability to, on there own, make the climate change a catastrofy. If China doesn't decrease there admissions of greenhouse gases the higher level of the ocens are inevitable.

I asked him if he sees the 350ppm goal as a reachable one, and somthing he as a the chairman of the EU can promote. I mentioned that meny NGO's and YONGO are suporting this and that we as an NGO also suport it.

He liked the question, and said that it is a goal that is good, and it is something Obama is supporting. He likes it but he dos not see it as a common goal for the EU, unfortunately.

Hopfully the speatch and questions asked today will be posted on the net and on some TV-station.
So keep a lookout.
I want to see it.


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Emilia sa...

Han är verkligen i samma nivå som George Bush, Såg nyss Uppdrag granskning på SVT1.

Oleg sa...

Oh wow, did he REALLY say that Obama supports 350 ppm? Because it would be a huge thing if: a) he (Obama) really did that, or, at least b) he (Reinfeldt) believed that.

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