18 juni 2012

Focus and energy

A new day is here and Fred is back with us. The energy has returned to the group and we are laughing again. Though today has offered more serious activities as we have commenced our YMCA Dialogue with the other delegates from Brazil, Norway, Kenya and Germany. It's especially hot and humid today and Philip, Marcus, Sofia and I are working intensely in the air conditioned office during our lunch break to finish the final twitches to our presentation this afternoon on the UN system, what happened in Rio 20 years ago and which consequences we are hoping for from Rio+20.

This morning we listened to Romulo Dantas, Executive Secretary for Youth Empowerment at the World Alliance of YMCAs and our main coordinator. He was telling about WAY's view to have the global YMCA movement focus even more on the empowerment of youth, and asking us how our national YMCAs could support in adding sustainable development to the global movement agenda. An outcome document is going to be finalized by us 25 delegates this evening and we hope to have a strong message to deliver to Rio+20 - and of course to WAY, our national and local YMCAs and the entire global movement. Necks are bent over laptops and notebooks, small noddings and whispered words confirm the phrasings, and eyes are focused intently on pages and screens. We are at it.

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