7 juli 2012

Quotes from youth

I remember being interviewed, but thanks to Romulo at the World Alliance of YMCAs, I finally got hold of the article:


A couple of quotes from me along with a number of other opinions from youth. Quite a good reflection of how we, the youth, are looking at the outcome of the conference (meaning, I am not just putting it up here because I am a incurable narcissist).

With time though I think we will look a bit more positively at the outcome. There were nevertheless several good propositions on the table that looked realistic at the outset, but that got shot down during the last 3 months of the negotiations. It should also be remembered that it is not only youth and civil society that were frustrated with the outcome, but several countries, especially the African Group.

It is first and foremost Africa's right to equity we are denying them by refusing to combat climate change, unsustainable consumption and unfair subsidies. It is their right to justice- their right to a future that can equal our present - that we are denying them. 

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