28 nov. 2012

A hot world demanding action in Doha

                                        An architects dream. Anything can be built in Qatar.

2012 is going to be one of the hottest years on record according to the WMO (world meteorological organization). Even though there are skeptics to climate change as caused by humans (those skeptics are highly likely involved in the ridiculously lucrative fossil fuel business), the evidence for its’ existence and continuing impact on the globe is terrifyingly obvious. Bahrain, a regional neighbor to Qatar, lately passed a law prohibiting outdoor work during the summer months due to the extreme heat imposing a serious health risk. Small Island states are threatened by a rising sea-level and the severity of Sandy was highly likely a consequence of climate change.

 No wonder the negotiators are looking a bit stressed running between their meetings in the enormous maze-like Qatar national conference center.  The third day of the conference is over and even though there is quite some time left before the ministers arrive for the final part of the negotiations there is anxiety among the NGO: s, worried that progress is too slow. Youth took on action today showing their discontent with the lack of youth representation and influence in the conference and the negotiations by displaying messages to the delegations as they were heading to their sessions.  It is the future of the coming generations that is at stake here in Doha. All of us youth present here in Doha will definitely do all that we can to make these negotiations turn out for the best.

                              The youth gender working group enjoying the sun during a meeting

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