26 nov. 2012

And so it begins....

Firstly, congratulations to Clifford Collins Omondi from YMCA Kenya who has gotten accreditation as his government’s youth delegate. Furthermore, George Kiritu, also from YMCA Kenya, will be joining the YMCA delegation here in Doha on Wednesday. Looking forward to collaborating with both of you!

Yesterday, the delegation attended the last day of Conference of Youth 8, which kicked off the work of several of the working groups, saw several actions being commenced such as the “I am part of the solution” social media storm, and the writing of “Get to work!” in Arabic in human letters on an open grass field. COY also provided sessions on how YOUNGO works and takes decisions. YOUNGO is the official UNFCCC youth constituency, bringing together all youth NGOs at the COP and giving the youth a single, powerful and united voice. Marcus joined the Mitigation Working Group and Andreas the Gender Working Group, and they both met up with them again today. Marcus was also involved in working on YOUNGO interventions: formal speaking opportunities allocated YOUNGO during the different meetings and plenaries to state the youth position.

Conference of Youth Q&A session

Today was the first day of the actual COP18 conference. In the morning, the delegation attended the morning meeting of YOUNGO, and took part in its decision-making body: the Spokescouncil. The printing of T-shirts and different actions were discussed. The meeting then officially opened at 10 am and countries began making their opening statements. Discussions primarily centred on the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol, whose importance was specifically underlined by the developing countries. The Durban Platform and the roadmap to the new agreement in 2015 also received much mentioning, although some developed and developing countries are not happy as having it as legal agreement. The Durban Platform for received much attention from the Umbrella Group, compromising most non-European developed countries, while they avoided the Kyoto Protocol. However, Australia, speaking on behalf of the group, did go on to note that it personally had decided to join the second commitment period only weeks ago and was looking forward to taking its global responsibility, and this was met by applause in the chamber. On the same day Australia had declared its second period commitments, New Zealand announced that they would not commit – joining Japan, Russia and Canada in refusing a second period.

Andreas and Marcus in the Plenary Hall just after the opening of the meeting

Sofia arrived late yesterday. It was great to have another member with us, and Sunniva and Håvard from YMCA Norway will be arriving late tomorrow night. We are very much looking forward to soon having the full delegation here as George arrives on Wednesday!

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