30 nov. 2012

Negotiations update: The US rejects equity

Yesterday, the deputy chief climate envoy of the US, Jonathan Pershing, confessed to observer organisations that he did not believe the idea of equity and common but differentiated responsibilities would be possible to pass the US Senate. That is, a new protocol succeeding Kyoto would not be ratifiable by the US should it require the US, who has been polluting heavily for more than a hundred years already and is the wealthiest in the world, on the basis of these two facts, to make greater contribution than for example China. But we already knew this of course. The US Senate is not a place of rationality.

There are definitely voices arguing for excluding the US all together. Both during the Kyoto Protocol negotiations before 1997 and the Bali Roadmap negotiations 2007-2009, the US watered agreements down by promising to join, but then decided not to anyway. Therefore, it has only served to weaken existing agreements without really contributing anything itself.

Opening plenary 

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