29 nov. 2012

Youth Actions at COP18

Connected Voices action
This action was about letting the conference know about the countries not represented, and it stated that their opionions matter too. 

Article 6 action
This action was actually a game where you climbed the ladder of negotiations, starting out as a "sleeping negotiator", then by winning rock, paper, scissors you climbed to "article 6 champion". 

Qatar, time to lead action
By acting out that a qatari football player scores a goal the action was supposed to show that Qatar needs to lead, now being the host of the World Cup. 

The "No Thanks" action
This action was all about showing the gratitude for our negotiators and the great job they have done, but with a twist at the end being "Oh, wait, you haven't been doing such a great job!" 

Picture to the left shows an example of a promise, and picture to the right shows what is reality and "no thanks". 

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