4 dec. 2012

Andreas comments on a recent side-event

Research claims that 100% renewables is fully realisable with the right incentives. 
What is needed is political will.

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Pauline Cherunya sa...

Thank you guys! This sharing through video is working much better coz its sometimes easier to just listen than read :)

As of issues of renewable energies. I am glad to know that governments are acknowledging that it is possible to reach 100% renewable energy realization. Its a first step towards finding the best incentives to push this initiative.

Currently I study in Germany and I am amazed about how the German government is investing a lot in renewable energy research, especially through academic institutions.

So my colleagues from the Scandinavia region, do you feel your governments are doing enough when it comes to investment in research in renewable energies? I feel that's something that the young people can push for in their respective countries.

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