8 dec. 2012

From Qatar: Final Video Update

Some goodbye videos from the last day we were at the conference centre. The conference closed Saturday afternoon yesterday. In the near future we will post some comprehensive updates on what really happened during the last 24 hours of negotiations, which were quite dramatic and very strained as parties had been up negotiation for hours on end. Negotiators reportedly came out of the closed session in tears. Upon the opening of the final plenary, the President started hammering the final texts through without waiting for comments, disregarding the need for consensus and making Russia furious. The second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol was signed, but more on this and the rest of the updates in the near future!

Our recording devices have become less and less professional as people have left and battery has been lost. The last two were recorded by a mobile phone, but bear with us, what is said is still the important part!

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