1 dec. 2012

Decision on increased women's participation

A draft decision on women’s increased participation in the UNFCCC bodies and institutions was recently passed after intense negotiations and compromises from the different parties. Pressure for finishing was high as these last consultations were running out of time, which made the reaching of an agreement broadly applauded for. Both negotiators and civil society cherished the outcome, as it contains concrete improvements for women’s increased participation and the aim for gender balance within the climate change negotiations.

Gender balance is important both from an equality perspective but also considering that women are more severely affected by the consequences of climate change. This current achievement helps emphasizing an important issue but does obviously not solve the problem itself as stated by the Bangladesh and Pakistan negotiators. Farah Kabir, the Bangladesh negotiator claimed she was disappointed that the 50/50 goal in representation by 2020 was dropped and her colleague from Pakistan had to face resistance even from within her own delegation.

The draft decision is to be voted for implementation later this evening.

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