7 dec. 2012

Last Day

Today, the conference enters its last day. Considering that as of yesterday virtually all issues that were identified before the conference remains unresolved, no one expects it to end in time however. It will definitely drag on until the small hours of Friday night and perhaps even until Sunday. Delegates at the conference are told to prepare to wait until at least Saturday.

Due to exams, the YMCA delegation has had to leave already, although George is still on the ground bringing us updates. Yesterday for example, two Arabic youth were debadged and ejected from the conference for calling upon leadership from Qatar. There was hope that the host nation would lead the oil rich Arab region into greater ambition, but such leadership has sorely been lacking.

Even though we are no longer in Doha, we will of course update you on the outcome of the conference and how things are developing! We also have another couple of videos that we will be sharing with you as soon as possible, so stay tuned!

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