26 okt. 2009

Caroline: Back to reality

Back from Malmö and back to reality. Exam on Democracy in theory and practice this week, and the grey October-sky of Gothenburg is like a blanket over the world. I usually get depressed in the fall, but this weekend was an energizer that hopefully will keep me going for weeks. Meeting a lot of comitted people gives me a feeling of not being alone and I get more energy to keep trying to make some change. I live in a corridor and share kitchen with seven other people, and I feel kind of sad for my kitchen-mates who has to put up with my renewed climate-spirit..

Yesterday me and Rebecka wrote an application for money from the YMCA camp we´re working at, and at first we had a hard time trying to figure out how our participation at COP would favour our association. The we realised that without a fair climate-deal, there will be no functioning planet Earth in the future, and without a planet, no camp! Pretty easy deal.

(And while talking about the camp, I´m gonna make an advert: http://www.kfumbrevik.se/, KFUM Brevik is a summer camp for kids age 6-16, it´s really fun, lots of friends, nature, pranks, swimming and so on. If you are older than 16, there is always a need for fun and creative leaders!)

This is us, in Malmö on Global Action Day. Visit http://www.350.org/ for more info.
Peace out.

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