11 dec. 2009

Excuse me, Mr de Boer?

"Uhm, nice to meet you, crazy Swedish girl."

I was still high on excitement last night as I returned to the hostel after having attended the Young and Future Generations Day Reception. I shook Yvo de Boer's hand! And I talked to him! It was mostly a one-sided conversation with some incoherent ramblings from my side and, if I remember correctly, one or two rather embarrassing clichées (but I will not go into that).

I guess you might be wondering how a not so forward person like me managed to end up in such close proximity to the superstar extraordinaire of the COP15. Well, sadly, not thanks to my amazing personal skills, but rather because of where I decided to sit down and eat my sandwich. And then looking up to see the back of Yvo de Boer's head (well, the rest of him as well) about two metres away. I quickly discarded my sandwich, stood up, took a few trembling steps in his direction and then, before the reasonable part of my brain had time to react and say "What are you doing!?", I tapped the shoulder of the Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC and said "Excuse me, Mr de Boer?"

And well, the rest is history. (Though, I doubt very interesting history. He seemed rather uninterested in poor little me. Never mind... I shook his hand!)

Image source: http://www.environmental-finance.com/2006/0611nov/boer.gif

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