11 dec. 2009

Getting touched

Today I finally had some time off the practical and organizational tasks as the responsible project leader for YCA, and I've just flooting around in my own bubble at this big place... I took a look at the other booths in the big exhibition area; I was talking to women working with climate change and gender, I grabbed some brochures about Tuvalu Islands; the nation that is prognosed to be the first one sinking, I read about forest protection in Latin America and many other things. I attended a press briefing of a group of indigenous people in the Amazon fighting for their rights. They said that they are here in COP15 not to show they are beautiful or to travel around the world, but to tell the world they are suffering, and that it's not fair, when it is the white blue eyed people who is damaging their home where they live; the forest.

This was my first day to open my eyes to the other organizations here at COP15 whom are here fighting for they rights. And I just feel so touched. I get touched to see all this wonderful people for all the world coming here, begging for a change. Cos' we know, that we are quite power less, I mean, we can face it, we know that our voices almost isn't hearable in comparison of the sound of money clinking when the high level decisions is being taking. When I see this people, from the big youth movement to the indigenous from the Amazons, I'm just impressed we are still here, and I see that this people have to be the better world we want to see, WE have to be the future.

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