11 dec. 2009


I'm sitting at the "Computer hall" in Bella Center. I've decided to write in English, because I can't write some Swedish letters on this keyboard... When I send some e-mails back home, there is "forvirring", "hur ar det" and so on. One thing about the English language is that it's so many words to choose between when I will describe things and feelings. Like the Swedish word "forvirring". When I searched on tyda.se for the best English word to choose, because I didn't really want to use "confusion" I found 24 different words... The English langue is not what I had aimed to write about today, but the thing is that when I on tyda.se found "turbulence" (that also exit in Sweden: turbulens, but I feel that the English and Swedish word is a bit different to each other in the meaning of how we use them..) I felt that "OH, now I have found the absolute true and perfect word about how I feel about all this, COP15. - I feel turbulence :))

There's so much in here. So much. A lot. Lots of things.
There's negotiations, side events, organisations showing their views of the climate issue, actions... And still I haven't even been to the "ClimaForum" in the Center of Copenhagen. I've been at the Bella Center these three days, I've been in Copenhagen since Wednesday. It's people from all over the world and it's just... very much of everything!

I'm so happy to be here with the group from the WMCA. You're wonderful all of you!

Now I will go and do everything and nothing. Again. I have been quite good at that. HU! Where does the time goes? The days passes by and I don't really know what I'm doing and what I experience. But I thing I have learned a lot. I just have to order the impressions in my head to figure out what I actually have learnt. I just know that there's a lot of young people in here that really "brinner for" this issue. (I can't find a word for it?). In all pessimistic discussions of not being able to create a strong agreement here in Copenhagen, I can feel some optimistic feelings among the youths; the leaders of the future.


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