7 dec. 2009

We are actually here!

it is 09.55 and I am in the Karen Blixen plenary at Bella Center! COP has started! Everybody is confused and we run into people we know everywhere.

I was up for blogging yesterday, but it got so hectical so I didn´t make it, but better late than never. So, yesterday we had the WA-YMCA´s pre-conference in Malmö. We met with the international delegation and had yet another brief session on climate change and climate policy. Then we had to leave for Kopenhagen at about three to get our badges, since no NGOs would be able to get in ´til after noon today.

When I was waiting in line for my photo badge I got to talk to a man from Japan. He was there to advocate for a change in the rules for CDM (Clean Development Mechanisms) so that his organization would be able to build railroads in developing countries. There are so many facinating people here, and everybody loves to talk about their ideas and visions of the future. The man told me he had to granddaughters. I told him they are the best reason in the world to fight for a sustainable future.

There is so much going on in my head these days. We have been waiting so long, and now we´re finally here we still don´t know anything. It is all very confusing and VERY exciting! Yesterday I felt really happy, just being here with all these amazing people at this important moment in history. Our new friend Leister from Hong-Kong told us yesterday to not expect any miracles, but I consider the conference a miracle in itself. There is about 14 000 people in the Bella center, and most of them wants the same ting; a sustainable future. Maybe we won´t be able to accomplish that during these two weeks, but it´s a start!

BIG HUGS from Bella center!

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