8 dec. 2010

A very nice evening indeed!

Now we´ve just spent a very pleasant evening with both Ricardo and Daniel from the Mexican YMCA.
We ate at a resturant called Chilli (I think) and both Ricardo and Daniel recommended it for us. So we sat down and ate and we talked about what the YMCA in Mexico do within the YMCA and I must say that I was and are super impressed. The YMCA Mexico helps poor and disadventaged children to get an education and they pay for their clothes, schooling and food, they can then receive funding from the YMCA to continue studying at collage/university.

How do they manage to finance this? It´s because of the extra money they earn on the sporthalls and also on the donations given to them. It´s not an easy task but they have and they are very talented professionals whi work with this daily.
I think all of us really want this project to be something more and after the dinner I went home with a feeling and a sense that this is just the beginning of something big!

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