16 sep. 2012

Planetary Boundaries

I thought I would share another highly interesting video, this time a TED talk by renowned scientist Johan Rockström who together with a range of others published a widely acclaimed article setting out planetary boundaries in the natural science journal Nature. Here he explains how if you look at the Earth and the environment in a number of fields, in each field you reach the conclusion that mankind is pushing towards the limits of what the Earth will be able to sustain. To ensure that we do not upset the precarious balance that constitutes the life-support systems of the Earth, the report defines a number of planetary boundaries, nine in total, that we should operate within, in each field.

With regards to Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss especially, we have since long transgressed the safe boundaries. In fact, we seem to be heading towards the sixth global species distinction in the Earth's history, one of which was the extinction of the dinosaurs.

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