8 sep. 2012

The Third Industrial Revolution

Some highly interesting comments from Professor Jeremey Rifkin on his new book "The Third Industrial Revolution". He makes a very clear and thorough case for the future of civilisation, energy and production, using plenty of examples and historical parables.

In the video, he first proposes that the currently, we live in the age of carbon. In his view the true reason for the financial crisis of 2008 was peaking oil prices of 140 a barrel causing consumers to stop consuming, because oil permeates all our products and transports, and thus all prices are linked to the price of oil. He then continues to make a strong case for climate change mitigation and explains how, looking at the recent Internet revolution, the coming industrial revolution will be the linkage of that internet revolution with a renewable energy revolution that, just like the Internet, will consist of small, private power stations working together in an interconnected grid.

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