24 okt. 2009

Britta: International youth preparatory meeting day 2

Right now 9 of the members of Yclimateaction is sitting in a conferansroom in Malmö with reprecentatives from all over the world. This day we will have some briefings about what will happen at COP15 and which ones of us who will be there and what those will do. Today we are also doing a 350 action somewhere in Malmö.

Yesterday we had an introdction to what COP is and what the countrys that will be attending are doing and what there is for us to do.

Here in Malmö we are the biggest groupe from one organisation and right now there are several other organisations interested in what we are doing and who are considering cooperating with us, so we are going to talk to them and maybe we will get a bigger and more powerfull block in the demonstration i Köpenhamn/Kopenhagen the 12/12.


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