11 dec. 2009

Meanwhile at Klimaforum...

..., the alternative climate forum here in Copenhagen, spiritual leaders around the world are discussing the inner dimensions of climate change. is there a connection with the inner environment and the outer environment?

"Whatever happens on the inside is reflected on the outside", explains Sister Jayanti from India and spiritual leaders of various religions agreed. If we consider this, the fact that Planet Earth is not feeling so well right now is a symptom of people not feeling so well on the inside. A Buddhist munk was talking in similar terms, "Peace in mind," he says, "is important in order to live in peace with nature. This will be achieved if we listen to our hearts and our religions, whichever religion it may be."

I think that what these spiritual leaders are saying is really crucial. In the world today, we are forgetting to properly take care of ourselves, our friends, family and neighbors. If you and I can find a balance in our everyday life, in the end man kind will find balance with mother nature.

Is this relevant for the YWCA-YMCA? Being an organisation that bridges the spiritual with the everyday life, links generations and cultures, the YWCA-YMCA is strategically positioned to have an strong impact on the challenges the world is facing today, in the light of global warming.

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